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UCLA-CalTech Medical Scientist Training Program
Laboratory of Integrative Neuroimaging Technology (LiNT)
UCLA Department of Biomathematics

Teaching Assistant (TA) Information

Directions to my Office (CHS B8-169)

  1. Go to the intersection of Charles E Young and Westwood, where the hospital is.
  2. See the building on the south-east corner: Med student lounge/learning resource center.
  3. Walk towards westwood (south).
  4. See Reed Hall on your left.
  5. Walk between the Learning Resource Center and Reed Hall.
  6. You'll see a set of stairs going up to a couple doors.
  7. Go up those stairs.
  8. Walk in the door and take a right down the hallway.
  9. Walk through a door (in the hallway) and go past the security and ID office.
  10. We are the first door on the right.
  11. I sit almost immediately inside the door.

Student Research Program (SRP) Information

I currently mentor multiple undergraduate and high school trainees in a variety of projects. I got to where I am because of supportive undergraduate research programs, so I believe in making these opportunities exist. Any undergraduate interested in research at UCLA should go the general SRP page and contact the people listed on the projects they are interested in.

Current SRP Projects

  1. Statistical Neuroscience: Computer aided-diagnosis of epilepsy using MRI. Not currently recruiting.
  2. Clinical Practice: Computer aided-diagnosis of epilepsy and non-epileptic seizures using clinical notes. Not currently recruiting.
  3. Statistical Medicine: Machine learning with missing data where the input data has multiple types and distributions. Not currently recruiting.
Completed Volunteer Projects
  1. Conversion and organization of clinical EEG records from the UCLA Hospital.
  2. Organization of neuroimages from patients with seizure disorder from the UCLA Hospital.
Temporary and Undergraduate Research Opportunities
  1. SRP Program (during the year)
  2. Departmental 199's (SRP99 is a pre-req)
  3. Summers: UCLA Applied Math REU Program.
  4. UCLA Medical Students: STTP.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Click the title to be directed to the paper, if it is available for public release. For non-open access papers, I'll post the PubMedCentral version a year after the publication date, in accordance with NIH policies.
  1. Kerr WT, Hwang ES, Raman KR, Barritt SE, Patel AB, Le JM, Hori JM, Davis EC, Braesch CT, Janio EA, Lau EP, Cho AY, Anderson A, Silverman DHS, Salamon N, Engel J, Jr., Stern JM, Cohen MS. Multimodal diagnosis of epilepsy using conditional dependence and multiple imputation. in: 4th International Workshop Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging. (Tuebingen, Germany: Conference Publishing Services). 2014.
  2. Kerr WT, Douglas PK, Anderson A, Cohen MS. The utility of data-driven feature selection: Re: Chu et al. NeuroImage 84:1107-1110, 2014.
  3. Anderson A, Douglas PK, Kerr WT, Haynes VS, Yuille AL, Xie J, Wu YN, Brown JA, Cohen MS. Non-negative matrix factorization of multimodal MRI, fMRI and phenotypic data reveals differential changes in default mode subnetworks in ADHD. NeuroImaage [epub ahead of print], 2013.
  4. Douglas PK, Pisani M, Reid R, Head A, Lau E,Mirakhor E, Bramen J, Gordon B, Anderson A, Kerr WT, Cheong C, Cohen MS. Method for simultaneous fMRI/EEG data collection during a focused attention suggestion for differential thermal sensation. J. Vis. Exp. (), e3298, doi:10.3791/3298, 2013.
  5. LaMoyne R, Kerr WT, Zanjani K, Mastroianni T. Implementation of an iPod wireless accelerometer application using machine learning to classify dispartity of hemiplegic and healthy patellar tendon reflex pair. JMIHI. (accepted 2013).
  6. Kerr WT, Nguyen ST, Cho AY, Lau EP, Silverman DH, Douglas PK, Reddy NM, Anderson A, Bramen J, Salamon N, Stern JM, Cohen MS. Computer aided diagnosis and localization of lateralized temporal lobe epilepsy using interictal FDG-PET. Frontiers in Neurology. 4:31. 2013.
  7. Kerr WT, Cho AY, Anderson A, Douglas PK, Nguyen SY, Reddy NM, Lau EP, Hwang E, Raman K, Trefler A, Silverman DH, Cohen MS. Balancing clinical and pathologic relevance in the machine learning diagnosis of epilepsy. in: 3rd International Workshop Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging. (Philadelphia: Conference Publishing Services). 2013.
  8. Douglas PK, Lau EP, Anderson A, Kerr WT, Head A, Wollner MA, Moyer D, Durnhofer M, Li W, Bramen J, Cohen MS. Single trial decoding of belief decision making from EEG and fMRI data using ICA features. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. (in press 2013).
  9. Kerr WT, Anderson A, Lau EP, Cho AY, Xia H, Bramen J, Douglas PK, Braun ES, Stern JM, Cohen MS. Automated diagnosis of epilepsy using EEG power spectrum. Epilepsia. 53(11):e189-e192. 2012.
  10. Kerr WT & Lau EP. Poisson noise obscures hypometabolic lesions in PET. Yale J Biology & Medicine. 85:541-549. 2012.
  11. Kerr WT, Lau EP, Owens GE, Trefler A. The future of medical diagnostics: large digitized databases. Yale J Biology & Medicine. 85:363-377. 2012.
  12. Kerr WT, Anderson A, Xia H, Braun ES, Lau EP, Cho AY, Cohen MS. Parameter selection in mutual information-based feature selection in automated diagnosis of multiple epilepsies using scalp EEG. in: 2nd International Workshop Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging. (London: Conference Publishing Services). 2012.
  13. Drucker DM, Kerr WT, Aguirre GK. Distinguishing conjoint and independent neural tuning for stimulus features with fMRI adaptation. J Neurophysiol. 101(6):3310-24. 2009.
  14. Bach TL, Kerr WT, Wang Y, Bauman EM, Kine P, Whiteman EL, Morgan RS, Williamson EK, Ostap EM, Burkhardt JK, Koretzky GA, Birnbaum MJ, Abrams CS. PI3K regulates pleckstrin-2 in T-cell cytoskeletal reorganization. Blood. 109(3):1147-55, 2007.
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Abstracts, Posters and Presentations

I do not keep careful track of these. Click the title for a PDF of the poster or presentation, if available.
  1. Kerr WT, Cho AY, Nguyen ST, Reddy NM, Silverman DHS, Salamon N, Stern JM, Cohen MS. Interictal metabolic alterations in patients with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures.Organization for Human Brain Mapping. Hamburg, Germany. 2014.
  2. Patel AB, Barritt SE, Kerr WT, Torres-Barba D, Trefler A, Raman KR, Hwang ES, Le JM, Hori JM, Davis EC, Braesch CT, Janio EA, Stern JM, Salamon N, Cohen MS. Computer-aided diagnosis of epilepsy using clinical information. Center for Undergraduate Research (CUR) Posters on the Hill. Washington, District of Columbia, USA. 2014.
  3. Kerr WT, Trefler A, Raman KR, Hwang ES, Salamon N, Cohen MS. Predicting when MRI and FDG-PET will exhibit epilepsy-related findings. American Epilepsy Society. Washington, District of Columbia, USA. 2013.
  4. Kerr WT, Trefler A, Raman KR, Hwang ES, Salamon N, Cohen MS. Predicting when MRI and FDG-PET will exhibit epileptogenic findings. Society for Neuroscience. San Deigo, USA. 2013.
  5. Anderson A, Owyoung M, Bramen J, Douglas PK, Han D, Kerr WT, Cohen MS. fMRI imaging biomarkers for predicting treatment response in craving and adiction. Society for Neuroscience. San Diego, USA. 2013.
  6. Kerr WT, Cohen MS. Pattern analysis in the diagnosis of epilepsy. American Society of Neuroradiology Symposium. San Diego, USA. 2013.
  7. Kerr WT, Anderson A, Lau EP, Cho AY, Xia H, Bramen J, Douglas PK, Braun ES, Stern JM, Cohen MS. Automated diagnosis of epilepsy using EEG power spectrum. Society for Neuroscience. New Orleans, USA. 2012.
  8. Aguirre G, Kerr W, Drucker D. Cortical representation of texture and scale studied with fMRI. J Vision. 9(8): 899-899. 2009.

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